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1) No compounding is allowed for my active referrals while the insurance is active.
2) You must withdraw all available money from your balance during this period.
3) A1D projects (after one day): the longest plan to choose is 5-days plan. You can choose longer plans, but the risk is purely yours.
4) The maximal coverage is 200$ per user. Of course you can deposit more, but only this limit will be taken into calculation.

The rate of compensation depends on number of active referrals (submitted compensation requests) and deposited amounts. Please understand that insurance is not a guarantee to make profit or get back all your money if the program go to scam, but you can get some funds back on the basis to previously described criteria. In simple terms you can avoid 100% loss at insured projects in first 20 days. Please note that there are more important factors why to invest than the insurance. Be smart and invest mainly in programs which comes with extra background information; then the insurance won''''t be needed at all.


The request must be made within 48 hours since the program does not pay (look on the news bar on the monitor). Expired 48 hours the requests received will not be accepted. No mistakes allowed in the request, it is your responsibility to provide the exact data as required. The insurance is shared from the third day up to five days max, To apply send an email to [email protected] with these following information:
Program name: name of program
Username: your username
Deposit dates (s): mm / dd / yy, mm / dd / yy .........
Deposit (s): $ 50 + $ 40, ........
Withdrawal (total): $ 50
RCB (received): $ 6 + $ 10 + n
Refund 90 - 50-16 = $ 24
Processor used for deposit ID: U1234567 * (if your processor used for the request is different from that used for insurance will be applied 3% exchange fee (Search for source of currency used in news bar).
Dashboard screenshot: http: // your_ref_link,
screenshots: upline, active deposits, withdrawals.
All fields are required.

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