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Hello, Money Maker!
Here we are, talking again about the big RAPIDINCOME, the Mister7 which was launched 43 days ago.
I will begin with telling you about its start.

SURPRISED? I would say yes! When the program began, all the monitors’ investors and administrators have been confused and everyone thought that this was a copycat deal type of business, why? You may ask? – Easy! No one would expect that such large admin would have started with such poor template lacking of payza and STP.

Number 7, after being used to its latest 2 programs where a slow start was noticed in a single monitor with payza and STP processors and by having a 7% daily plan is what makes the difference.

All happened exactly 43 days ago, during the toughest month where all the investors stay away from the business and the admins are away on vacation, - this is when a huge increase of scams happen. The months of July and August are slow months which create an advantage to the program.

Unlike in the past, the program takes off in incognito, under the radar which from day 1 is in HYIPGUARDIAN.

As soon as I open the program the question comes up, IS THIS IT?
What happened to the former stile?... One thing only! The Number 7.

For more than a week the circulating news in chats and forums is all about the Rapidincome and after only 15 days of exchanges, emails and information are confirming that IS BACK! YES! The larger admin of all times is back, Number 7.

Number 7 takes off slowly as usual in standard listing and only after 30 days it makes an upgrade to sticky listing with only $250 deposit.

Up until now we have been talking about the facts, now let’s get back to the program to see what it could offer.

There is one plan only without the usual daily and after with a 2.5% LIFETIME which raised a concern…. WILL IT MAKE IT? Why such choice?

It’s know that these type of plans don’t have a long life. A week or two go by and 43 days have gone by and it’s still here, what does this means?

It means that this is a very well organized advertisement strategy with a very important budget and with the help of all the investors, this program will stay for the long haul.

Also different from the Number 7 is the referral system where in place of the deposit a percentage is taken from 5-13% of the referral commission on every active member, 5% from $20 to $199. 7% commission if for deposits amounts equal or greater than $200 to $1999 and even a larger percentage of 10% from amounts from $2000 and up, however you will keep on getting between 5% and 13% as well on all future deposits.

Below is the company’s registration form link.

Let’s see some informations about the fee for the investment.

Currently as the only accepted form of payment is through eWallet: PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Payeer, and AdvCash via Payeer, also I began accepting Bank Wires and cash via Western Union or Money Gram directly without any charge (for effortless funding of your account), You can reinvest directly from your account balance, withdrawal fee 2% and you can request for a principal withdrawal at any given time, through the special link in the bottom of the main WITHDRAW page. Currently there is a withdraw fee of 10%.

Withdrawal in 48 business hours.

Business days are: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). Working Hours: 8:30AM - 6:00PM.

So let’s pay attention here! I receive so many notifications of who pays and who does not, however the more information related to who pays from Monday to Friday during business hours is on the faq but you must also remember that the earnings are also available Saturday and Sunday therefore your Monday will always be a rich one.

After all said, I hope you have all the knowledge you need on Rapidincome.

Asl for my final message I can only tell you this: invest what you can lose! as the main message here is only one! …….Is BACK!!!

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