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Hello, Money Maker. December 22 was added on our monitor section sleeping FOREXKING, January 11 the official

program began with a new design, and at the same upgrate to standard listing with an investment of $ 150. The

first impact with the program, I was charmed design truly exceptional, but other things are no less. GC licensed

script, Companies House Registred, domain expiring 12/11/2019, COMODO EV SSL, DDoS, I would say everything

is perfect. Let''s see what it is in the details:

Investment plans daily from 2.1% to 2.7% principal back and plans afterplan from 240% to 1800%. As payment

systems accept PerfectMoney, BitCoin and Payeer. Referrals 3% up to 5% depending on the nr of referrals.

Payments are manual, for now admin is just one payment to the days around 07:30PM to 09:30PM GMT, and for

many users is not usual, but I must say that the payments triggered as a Swiss watch. Concerning the functioning

of the website, script is perfect there are no errors. Soon we will interview the admin to know more details.

Conclusion: one understands immediately that we are facing a ADMIN who has experience, from the very first

moves of the program (the old school). We''ll see how it evolves over time, but I''m sure that will not disappoint

even this time. I will remember to invest only what you are willing to lose. Good Earning to All.